We offer the individual life & career mentoring. In the life & career mentoring, you have the opportunity to explore yourself, connect with yourself and clarify your purpose on this earth. We provide a self-assessment based on your request. We offer each session via Skype, so that you can connect with us from anywhere in the world.


Stanford U 2018

Stanford U. 2018

What is Life & Career Mentoring?

Watanabe&Company’s Life & Career Mentoring is the authentic experience of your journey. As a life & career coach, we are your best partners in order for you to grow as an unique individual. We connect with you holistically. The life & career coaching covers varieties of topic such as career development, strength finding, competencies, job search, work-life balance, relationships, health, etc.

How to Start Life & Career Mentoring?

To sign up, please fill out the sign up form below in this page and submit. You can also sign up sending an email to info[at]watanabeac.com. You will receive an instruction of the life & career coaching within 1-2 business days.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone (+1-347-437-0938) or email.

We’ve received many “Thank you!” messages from our clients.

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