Chief Trash Officer : Oscar

Dear Oscar,

Congratulations on your appointment!

We are so happy for you and for the world.

Looking forward to seeing your powerful influence on the world. 😀


You’re looking great, Oscar!!!





CTO Oscar

CTO Oscar

United is investing in a future where planes can be fueled by things like waste.

So they hired an expert. Yay!!!


Oscar the Grouch

Oscar the Grouch

United’s hired its first Chief Trash Officer, Oscar the Grouch.

At United, they believe the future of flight is sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which could be made from things like banana peels, leftover cooking oil, woody biomass and, yep, trash.


What’s so great about SAF?

SAF is an alternative to normal jet fuel that can help fly a plane with reduced lifecycle emissions. In fact, SAF is the fastest and most effective way we’re reducing lifecycle emissions across United’s fleet! Investing in and using more SAF across the entire airline industry will help fly us all toward a lower carbon future.


Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies


I love SAF

I love SAF

How you can get on board with SAF

You have the opportunity to contribute to the development and future production of SAF. Our new Sustainable Flight Fund was created to support start-ups focused on decarbonizing air travel by accelerating the research, technology and production of SAF. Now when you book a ticket on or the United app, you’ll have the option to supplement United’s contribution to further support these start-ups with the goal of increasing the demand for and supply of SAF.


Using SAF with conventional fuel results in lower carbon emission on a life cycle basis than using only conventional fuel. SAF is less than 0.1% of United’s overall fuel use. Based on publicly announced airline offtake agreements for future purchases of SAF.

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