Interviewed by Keith at KeithAndrewNetWork® Show

It was such a fun and wonderful experience that I was interviewed by Keith Andrew on Sunday, December 12th in Japan Time.

Keith is a creator, talk show host/speaker of KeithAndrewNetWork®.

The whole point of Keith’s Talk Show is to show people that even with having learning disabilities he can still amount something. And At the same time, he is able to turn himself into an example for people out there to Never Give Up and Prove People Wrong No Matter What. And Show them labels do not dictate who you are and going to be.

If you are interested in supporting Keith and his project, please follow him on SNS.

Instagram – KeithAndrewNetWork
Twitter – KeithAndrew88
YouTube – KeithAndrewNetWork

And lastly, I hope you enjoy my episode. 🙂

Me in KeithAndrewNetWork Show

Me in KeithAndrewNetWork Show


Please feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in being interviewed by Keith. Everyone from all across the world is welcome! I’ll connect you to Keith. Here is my contact information: [email protected]


Much love,


You can access my episode from here below. Enjoy!

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