5 Minutes of Global Prayer – Every Sunday/Monday

Shall we pray together?

You might have already known that the power of prayer. It’s high time for us to hold hands together and demonstrate the authentic collective action all around the world. We are Team Global (Team Planet Earth). We need to be united NOW.

Wherever you are, you pray for 5 min. for a miracle at the same time every Sunday/Monday (depends on your location). Any style of prayer is wonderful. Enjoy your prayer.

Please join us!

Check your local time as below:

Every Sunday
9am – PDT (U.S.)
10am – MDT (U.S.)
11am – CDT (U.S.)
12noon – EDT (U.S.)

4pm – GMT (London)
5pm – Rome (Italy)
6pm – Ukraine/Johannesburg
8:30pm – Tehran (Iran)

Every Monday
12am – Taiwan/Hong Kong
1am – Tokyo (Japan)
3am – Sydney (Australia)
5am – Auckland (NZ)
6am – Honolulu (Hawaii)


Global Prayer

Global Prayer


Love & gratitude,

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