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novak kiss the trophy

novak kisses the trophy


Congratulations Novak Djokovic!!! You did it!!!

2019 Wimbledon gentlemen’s singles champion – Sunday, July 14th


Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer
7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6, 13-12

Mr. Federer was so great. And Mr. Djokovic was so greater than him in the center court today. Soooooo amazing guys!!!


Through their extraordinary game, Mr. Djokovic and Mr. Federer taught us that what a precious thing for us to live fully every single moment. Mr. Djokovic talked about “self-belief” in his tennis play as a requirement for getting a point especially in the extremely important situation like tie break.


Thanks to them, I re-realize that I can’t waste any time and any experience in my life on this planet in order to sharing love to the world. Thank you so much!


Much love,

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