Thoughts/Hope Brings Reality – Tsutomu Uematsu by TEDxSapporo

Don’t be discouraged by any negative feedback that is usually told by someone who never tried nor who doesn’t have confidence by themselves.

Trust inner yourself and keep trying with “How about this way instead if the existing method/the current situation is not working?”. Your thoughts/hope brings reality to change the world a better place.


Hope invites | Tsutomu Uematsu | TEDxSapporo

English Subtitle Video & Transcript

” God leads you to someone whom you need to meet. ”

” Since we are imperfect, we can help each other. ”

” Let’s spread the phrase “Try this way, instead” by all means. ”

About Tsutomu Uematsu:
Tsutomu Uematsu who runs a factory in Hokkaido, hopes that people will stop using the phrase ʺIt’s impossible, anyway,ʺ which easily takes away dreams and opportunities from people. Guided by another credo from his childhood, “hope invites,” he recalls his path to achieving his long-lost dream of working in space engineering, and argues that we can all start helping to save the world if we just stop convincing one another that our dreams cannot be accomplished.

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