Shall we pray for the world…


I hope you and your loved ones are having a nice Christmas Eve if you are Christians or holidays if you are not Christians.

I received some private hart-warming holiday messages from my friends and candidates. One of the email messages from my candidate touched me very much as I felt her thoughtfulness and appreciation through her words and action. Actually, she is more than my candidate, and I feel like she is kind of my younger sister. And she feels the same way. I received a video message from my friend through the messenger. I enjoyed seeing my friend and his family (his wife and his baby son) having wonderful time together on this holiday in that video. Thank you so much for your thoughtful messages!!!

On tonight, I would like to propose all of you to pray for the world together. I know that our pray leads us and the world to peace and happiness on this earth. Let’s spare one minute tonight for pray for you, your family, your loved ones, your neighbors, all animals, all plants, your countries, all the countries, the earth and the universe.

Let us feel the universe respond to us tonight and to the world forever.


Natsuki Watanabe

Watanabe &Company

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